Monday, February 14, 2011

Writing take one

Well, I said I would post some writing in the hope of improving it haha. I am still in high school and never really started writing until very recently. I am by no means an epic writer; but I figure if I write nearly every day for the rest of my life I'll get pretty effing good haha.

This is the beginning of a novel; not trying to produce a Pulitzer prize here; just want to start getting stuff down on paper and getting it read. Any suggestions / critiques would be great.

Tonight was the night. The man strolled through the forest's darkness, displacing neither twig nor branch. Even the woodlands seemed to acknowledge the cold and calculating silence in which his mission was to be carried out. Barely a rustle or creek was heard from the trees. Tonight was the night he thought. The culmination of months of tracking, verifying, and planning all converged into this one night.

The moon shined blood red causing the silhouetted trees to emit an eerie maroon along the forest path.  Even her celestial cousins "shined" darkness; all watching the lone figure slip through the forest.

His heart hammered relentlessly against his chest as he crossed the trickling stream. He was close. His fingers went tight along the grip of his yew longbow. Etched into the weathered wood were the words: "Praenuntius Moti" or harbinger of death. The man glanced down at that simple phrase and smiled. He liked that name.

Missing the forehead meant the man's death. But Mark never failed and he never missed.

Well hope you enjoyed it haha... All comments are welcome; especially constructive criticism.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Well, today was the first of two snow days this week. (Assuming isn't totally fuaking with my mind)
So I popped the old flash drive into my PS3 and had myself a movie marathon.

I often find that in order to be captivating, a film these days needs to be stressfully suspenseful or have a complicated story line. This film had neither, and yet I found myself hoping it wouldn't end while at the same time, anxiously awaiting its conclusion. Definitely give it a watch sometime!

Then I made myself some hot chocolate and pancakes!

 Next, (with the hot chocolate and pancakes in hand) I re watched Inglorious Basterds. I was kind of worried because I didn't really love Grindhouse or Death Proof; not saying they weren't good! I guess they just weren't my type of movie. Yet throughout watching Tarentino's films over the years, I have come to discover his magic in setting up a scene. The Film is set in an alternate universe of Tarentino's creation; his version effectively rewritting history. This bothered people, but not me. I sat down to watch this Tarentino movie to be entertained; not for a history lesson!

The Film opens to a serene scene set in Nazi occupied France. A simple farmer and his three daughters are hiding a neighboring Jewish family from the "The Jew Hunter". But, I'll stop there. Don't want to type a 3 page review, haha. Just wanted to get those people who didn't see the movie intrigued!

Oh and I know 2 isn't really a marathon; but I didn't get to my next movie: Downfall.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Arrghhhhhh this is my third post today, haha... Thought I'd share some photos I took in Spain though, kinda tired of looking at the Arcade Fire picture.

Arcade Fire

Been trying to expand my music collection recently and came across Arcade Fire. These guys rock!!
Just purchased their newest album The Suberbs. For some reason it sounds even better when I listen to it while driving haha..


I guess the point of this blog is to simply empty my thoughts out of my head. There probably will not be a specific theme throughout the posts, the main similarity will lie in the fact that they stemmed from my brain! Also hoping I can improve my writing skills this way! Might post a short story or two later on.